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The Blockchain Disruption | Ask Me Anything | Webinar (Aug 1)

Discover Blockchain Technology and Prepare Yourself For Next Technology Revolution

Become better informed. Step up your game.

Today’s top companies are looking for highly informed tech-minded professionals who are not just focused on business as usual.

With this webinar, you can explore what is blockchain, find out how it will disrupt your industry, and learn how to prepare for a new blockchain dominated future.

What will you learn from this webinar?

  • What is Blockchain? - Learn the fundamental concepts and building blocks of Blockchain Technology.

  • What is possible? - Find out how will blockchain disrupts every industry, not just the financial markets?

  • How to win? - Discover how to stop playing catch up and future-proof your career, your business and yourself

What's in the webinar?

  • A historical context on the rise of the internet of trust

  • Why do we really need blockchain?

  • What are the core building blocks of Blockchain technology

  • What's the true impact of Blockchain on business and life (with real-life use cases)?

  • How do you win in a blockchain dominated future?

  • Ask me anything session

  • Final remarks

Who should attend this webinar?

  • Entry-level professionals and students - Looking for a career path in blockchain, and to start building the skills needed to get hired by top businesses.

  • Mid-level professionals - Looking to prepare for your next career move and learn how blockchain technology will impact your work and future.

  • Business owners - Looking to learn how blockchain changes everything in business and understand how to use this sweeping innovation to the benefit of your organization.

  • Tech professionals (engineers, data scientists, marketers etc.) - Looking to start on the right foot and gain the confidence you need to join the industry and explore a blockchain career.

Attend Online from Vancouver, San Francisco, Calgary, New York, Washington, Toronto

Presented by Hussein Hallak

Hussein is the CEO and Founder of Next Decentrum, an ed-tech startup funded by leading tech accelerator Victory Square Technologies. He is the Evangelist at Launch Academy, one of North America’s leading tech incubators with over 600 tech startups incubated and over $150 Million raised.
Strategic advisor for several successfully funded tech and blockchain startups including Fintrux, Interfinex, Traction Health, and Peace Geeks. Creator of multiple education programs including Intro to Blockchain, Blockchain Executive Masterclass, and Certified Blockchain Expert.
Passionate about everything tech, startups, blockchain and decentralized innovation. Hussein has been featured in Forbes, BBC, and Entrepreneur magazine.

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The Future Is Here. Stop Playing Catch up. Get Ahead

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