Discover the foundational technology for the economy of the future

Where we are,
what you need to know and why.


New innovations create invisible opportunities as they evolve and develop. The casual observer wouldn’t see these at first, then suddenly, a new innovation is everywhere. For the adventurous few, innovations like Blockchain provide a world of new possibilities.

Exploring the history of technology through a proven framework gives you an understanding of where Blockchain is, and a vision of where it can go.

Today we have a convergence of innovative technologies all seemingly at once, but the foundation that will contribute to the success of all of these, is Blockchain.

Demand for non-technical professionals will grow as Blockchain grows and matures. Find out where we are, and what is happening now so you can get ready for your future.

With Intro to Blockchain you will discover:

▶ Why sudden in technology means decades

▶ How a theory becomes a roadmap

▶ The original vision of decentralization

▶ And how that decentralized vision failed

▶ The first Blockchain and its seditious mission

▶ Where Blockchain fits into a networked world

▶ Decentralization as a form of autonomy

▶ Could Blockchain really be for everyone?