Blockchain innovation is the future of business processes


Discover the power of innovation
for today and tomorrow


Typical professional development is like looking in the rearview mirror. What you need is something that keeps your eyes on the road ahead, the road to the future. That road is called technology innovation, and it starts with Blockchain.

Blockchain technology provides a breadth of opportunities in the next economy where data is the new oil. The convergence of innovation between IoT, big data, A.I, crypto and machine learning are all built on a foundation of storage, management, analysis and security of data, facilitated by Blockchain technology.

Whether it’s managing complex workflows and supply chains, securing and simplifying trading, handling billing, royalties and payments, governance, reporting and adhering to regulation, Blockchain can be exploited for efficiency, growth, and creating value.

New technology innovations can be intimidating for non-technical professionals, but they don’t have to be. Certified Blockchain Professional is designed for non-technical corporate leaders and managers who want to prepare for the future of business.

Throughout this program you will:

▶ Gain a strong understanding of blockchain technology in the context of business including terminology and applications.

▶ Understand different blockchain implementations, their respective benefits, advantages, and challenges..

▶ Explore blockchain so that you can clearly articulate its application in your industry.

▶ Identify clear business use cases that blockchain technology can solve inside your organization.

▶ Develop frameworks for exploration and implementation of innovative technology solutions inside a corporate business structure.

Course Overview

The Certified Blockchain Professional program is divided into seven in-depth modules.

Module One is an introduction to the world of Blockchain and decentralized innovation including where it came from, why it has become a necessity, and where we are now.

Module Two dives into the various kinds of Blockchains and what they do. Here we go through the technical terms in an approachable non-technical manner.

Module Three distinguishes between public and private blockchains. Here several public blockchains will be explored including Ethereum, IOTA and Hedera Hashgraph.

Module Four features Blockchain business use cases developed and implemented by R3, Hyperledger and Chain amongst others.

Module Five explores where Blockchain technology has real-world application. This includes payments, royalties, identity, data security and management and several others.

Module Six takes you through the evolution of business models driven by Blockchain. These models include fractionalized ownership, decentralized autonomous organizations and micro economies.

Module Seven is hands-on and collaborative. Here you will assemble in teams and use a series of frameworks to develop a strategic Blockchain action plan to solve a problem.

A Certified Blockchain Professional certificate recorded on a blockchain and verifiable worldwide will be given for successful completion of the program.